Natural Cystic Acne Treatment.

  • 🌺 ALL NATURAL ORGANIC HERBS : The NEW Plant ENZYME based formulation such as Tulsi (Holy Basil), Lavendar, Aloe Vera, Soapberry Herbs infused with Aromatherapy Organic Tea tree oil Solution from Australia is bio-degradable and can be used as a non-rinse ACNE Soap solution in applied areas of the skin. There is no residue left after use and the product.
  • 💕 RAPID RELIEF: Infused with Organic Lavendar helps Soothe Sensitive Skin and Exfoliate the Pores without causing any Reaction. You will notice Rapid improvement depending on the severity with a SAFE ALCOHOL FREE Solution.
  • ✅CLEAN and MESS FREE COMFORT: The Patent pending formulation developed by Nanotechnology scientists with experience from Univ of Michigan ensures 100% skin absorption and will Ease your Mind and Body from Anxieties and Discomfort as you will notice Rapid healing from Inflammation and other complex Acne issues
  • ✅NON-TOXIC and NO ALCOHOL: Because we value your safety, We made sure our Organic Deodorant has no preservatives, foaming agents, or artificial smells, Alcohol and Paraben Free. Helps Long term Healing with Herbs.
  • ✅KILLS INFLAMMATION AT SOURCE : Are you suffering from Acne and inflammation issues and guess what it won’t be a problem anymore let our product take care and HEAL ACNE issues no matter how strong the inflammation with our Powerful Patent pending Herbal based formula that helps get rid of the Root problem which is Cleansing the Microbes on the skin.✴️MADE IN USA : Plant Enzymes to eliminate synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives.