Shoe Odor Eliminator Spray Useable On Both Stinky Shoes And Smelly Feet.

  • 💕REMOVES ODOR at SOURCE : Powerful Plant Enzymes combined with Nanotechnology work at the surface interaction of the Odor Molecules by degrading Elements of Bad Odor on both Feet and Shoes in a Patent Pending formulation developed by scientists with Experience from Univ of Michigan. There are Four Types of Odor from Sweat on Shoes and the enzymes will effectively Dissolve Odor.
  • ✅LONG LASTING FOR EVERY USE : By effectively Eliminating the Source of Odor, the Odor will be removed till Next Use. Our product will guarantee you long lasting affect no matter how heavy the duty the Odor is by also Removing Sweat and other humid conditions responsible for the growth of these Organisms.
  • 🌺100% ORGANIC PLANT INGREDIENTS : Sourced from USDA Organic Suppliers, Soapberries are potent herbs known scientifically by the name Sapindus Mukorrosi belonging to the Sapindaceae family. The Phytosterols present in the seeds are responsible for the anti-inflammatory action. It greatly reduces the redness & swelling that appears on the skin. Arachidonic acid presnt in them reduces skin inflammations & cools the skin.
  • ✅ ZERO RESIDUE and NON TOXIC: We have LOVE for Mother Nature and have ensured the best possible methodologies and use the latest technology to enusre a Safe and Bio-Degradable product and you will definitely notice the difference after a couple uses or your Money Back.
  • ✅ FOR ALL AGES FOOTWEAR : With Safe Ingredients, the spray has no Aerosols and can be used by the Whole Family. You can also safely spray on Socks and after every sporting or Outing event.
  • 💕 SAFE on SOCKS: You can also Spray and Deodorize on Socks, Gym Equipment and your entire Exercise or Gym Regiment Fabrics. Saponins in Soapberries are powerful Cleansing Agents and Work well on Fabrics as well.

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