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Celsius Herbs

Toenail Fungus Damaged Nail Restorative Solution.

Toenail Fungus Damaged Nail Restorative Solution.

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We are proud to introduce Natural Restorative Toenail Solution that utilizes our patent-pending, all-natural formula. Unlike other toenail solutions that contain harmful synthetic ingredients, our formula is derived from organic herbs that are gentle on the skin. Our solution is specifically designed to reduce the discoloration and damage that commonly occurs on toenails and fingernails.

  • ✅ ZERO RESIDUE, NON TOXIC : It's a one-two punch that nourishes and hydrates those poor, damaged nails, while reducing thickness and unsightly discoloration. If you're tired of dealing with unsightly, unhealthy nails, give this product a try for 30 days and if you are not satisfied we will refund without a return.
  • ✅LONG LASTING FOR EVERY USE : With visible results in 2-4 weeks, Product is an undiluted nail strengthener and repair solution. It is able to reach areas under the nail and in the nail bed for greater effectiveness.
  • ✅Works Best with Nails damaged due to a moist environment that result in Thickened, Brittle, Crumbly, or Ragged nails.
  • ✴️OXYGEN IONS: Patent Pending Uses Blue-ion water technology which has millions of Oxygen ions to eliminate synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives.
  • 💕SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Made with all-natural, organic ingredients like organic Tea Tree oil and Soapberries, and contains no preservatives, foaming agents, or artificial smells, alcohol or parabens.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that this product is not a fungal treatment but aims to rejuvenate nails damaged by fungus through the use of natural herbs. The product is Not approved by the FDA. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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