All Natural Adult Toy Cleaner.

  • 🌺 ALL NATURAL TOY HYGIENE : The new plant based formulation such as Soapberry Herbs and Organic Tea tree oil Solution from Australia is bio-degradable and can be used as a Non-rinse soap solution in applied areas of the Toys and Sensitive Skin. There is no residue left after use and the product and is a safe alternative to abrasive chemicals and NO ALCOHOL.
  • ✅Sensitive Skin Safe : Because we value your safety, We made sure our Toy cleaner has no preservatives, foaming agents, or artificial smells, Alcohol, Glycerin, Paraben Free .
  • 🔆Non rinse : Nanotechnology scientists created the formula, which is biodegradable and may be used as a non-rinse soap solution.
  • 🌱AROMATHERAPY: Blended with PURE ORGANIC TEA TREE oil from Australia, you will Notice a Pleasant Smell devoid of any Chemical Preservatives along with Mother Nature's Powerful Cleaning Agent Saponin from Soap berries are the two main ingredients which are powerful Ingredients.
  • ✅LONG LASTING FOR EVERY USE : By effectively Eliminating the Source of Odor at the Molecular Cell Wall level, the Odor will be Permanantly removed till Next Use. By working at the Molecular level, the Plant Enzymes prevent growth of Yeast and other Odor causing Organisms by destroying the growth Environment. Our product will guarantee you long lasting affect no matter how heavy the duty the Odor is by also Removing Sweat and other humid conditions responsible for the growth of these Organisms.
  • 💕Kills Yeast on Toys in 56 Seconds : Powerful Plant Enzymes with Nanotechnology work at the surface interaction of the Odor Molecules by degrading Key Structural elements of the Microbial Cell wall which is the root cause of Bad Odor on both Toys and Skin.

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