Cat Skin Itch relief Dandruff Dry Shampoo Grooming Spray.

PetGlow Organic Natural Itch Relief with All Natural Herbal ingredients provides relief for our Lovely Pets. 💕Developed by experienced nanotechnology scientists, this product is bio-degradable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 🔆This BPA and alcohol-free Cat Skin Tonic has a no-sting formulation, so it's gentle on your pet's delicate inner skin as well and provides a safe Natural solution to recurring Skin issues as well.
🌺 ALL NATURAL ORGANIC HERBS : Innovative ORGANIC formula all plant based ingredients chosen carefully from USDA Certified Ingredients, Since Our pets are deserving of the best natural care available.

✅ LICK SAFE and GENTLE NO STING : Made with Safe USDA Organic Herbal Ingredients the unique formulation is Lick Safe. Cats skin is extremely sensitive and its very important to choose the right ingredients. Our Organic Herbs such as Moringa have been used for thousands of Years as remedy and are extremely Mild being safely absorbed by the Pets Skin with no residue or Allergies. With NO Alcohol or any Toxic chemicals the drops will Not Sting.

💕 RAPID ITCH RELIEF: Proven by the best Labs to Eliminate Skin issues, you will notice Rapid improvement depending on the severity within a few days and is Loved by Vets for being a SAFE Solution.

✅ PREMIUM CARE EASY TO USE : Our Promise to provide the best Premium Care for your Pet with NO SIDE EFFECTS. Product is extremely easy to use just spray or Gently squeeze on problem areas and wipe with soft cotton.