Herbal Anti-Itch Body Spray for Insect Bites.

  • 🌻TULSI: HOLY BASIL and CASTOR OIL: From the basil family Lamiaceae (tribe ocimeae) is renowned to have broad spectrum fighting capabilities against some of the toughest of the Skin issues and is very potent herb for the Skin. ✅ ZERO RESIDUE and NON TOXIC: We have LOVE for Mother Nature and have ensured the best possible methodologies and use the latest technology to enusre a Safe and Bio-Degradable product and you will definitely notice the difference after a few uses or your Money Back.
  • ✅CLEAN and MESS FREE COMFORT: The Patent pending formulation developed by Nanotechnology scientists with experience from Univ of Michigan ensures 100% skin absorption and will Ease your Mind and Body from Anxities and Discomfort as you will notice Rapid Itching Relief from Rashes, Scales or Blisters.
  • ✴️RAPID ANTI-ITCH OXYGEN IONS: Patent Pending Uses Blue-ion water technology which has millions of Oxygen ions to eliminate synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives.
  • ✅MADE IN USA: Cruelty Free and 100% Biodegradable safe for Mother Earth.This is Not a Treatment for Scabies but helps provide relief and heals the Inflammation on the skin and makes the environment hostile for the mites burried in the skin.