Natural Dog Deodorizing Body Spray for Smelly Dogs.

  • ✨ PET ODOR ELIMINATOR: With its organic formula made from Organic Herbal ingredients with Mint, Neem and Soapberries our product eliminates unpleasant odors and offers a Safe, Effective and Natural Deodorizing effect.
  • ✅SAFE DEODORIZER: Our dog deodorizing spray is absolutely safe for pets since it is 100% percent organic, alcohol-free, and has no artificial preservatives or chemicals .
  • 🌹REFRESHING FUR: Organic Herbs ensure to breakdown grime and Odor at the source and is very moisturizing to the skin. Will Keep the Fur freshened between baths.
  • 🌹CALMING: The Mild Scent for Humans is strong for Pets and with a Proprietery Herbal essence will help Calm the Pets. Never Use Strong Odor on Pets as they are sensitive and will cause them stress.
  • 💡HOW TO USE : shake well before use, spray well over smelly areas, then over fur and rub softly, please cover the eyes during the spray.