May 02, 2021

New York Magazine once called David Frei &quote;probably the most famous human in the world of canines.” WOR radio’s Cooper Lawrence introduces him as “the guy who invented dogs.” He has earned the hyperbole as the co- host of NBC’s National Dog Show Presented by Purina since its inception in 2002, seen every Thanksgiving Day by the largest TV audience for any dog show – more than 25 million viewers. It is the same role that he perfected in 27 years as the longtime (1990-2016) co-host of USA Network’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog
Show and the Beverly Hills Dog Show, which debuted in Spring 2017.
David’s Dogs Grace, an 11-year-old Brittany, retired AKC show champion and a therapy dog extraordinaire her entire life; and True Dat, a 16-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, hopefully to follow in the therapy dog pawsteps of Angel, his Cavalier that passed last year at 13. The picture is of Grace, Angel and me at a charity dogcwalk. “I thank my dogs every day for letting me be the guy on the other end of the leash,” David says. “What they have done for people in need as therapy dogs in my charity, Angel On A Leash, is really something special.
Their breed traits contributed to their success at that, but it’s more about being a dog rather than being a specific breed. They are prime examples of my adage, “When a dog walks into the room, the energy changes.” That comes from their
unconditional love, spontaneous temperament, and a love of life.
The Role Of Purebred Dogs are all about predictability. Dogs are all sweet little balls of fluff at some point in growing up. But they are all going to grow up different. With a purebred dog, you will have a better idea of what they are going to grow up to be, their temperaments and personalities, conditioning needs, size, coat, and more, so that you know how they are going to match your lifestyle and fit into your family. With no surprises, that helps ensure that the dog will stay with you forever and not have to find a new home after they grow into something you were not prepared.
We thank Mr. David Frei for his support to the Petglow brand.