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Our journey started in early 2019 during a visit to the Himalayas 8,000 feet above seal level with the vision of creating a natural brand for consumer applications as pure as Mountains and Mother Ganges flowing with intense energy. With a passion to create a sustainable life while being very cognizant of Mother Earth about what we dispose with a goal to create sustainable products for our future generations and billions of other species we co-exist knowingly and unknowingly came about a unique invention combining nanotechnology and Ayurveda. The product formulations are developed by experienced nanotechnology scientists that have ensured that the solution is bio-degradable and eco-friendly with a pledge to Mother Earth and Her beautiful gifts to mankind.

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Our mission

Create an ecosystem of everyday products that serve a hollistic purpose for the body, mind and soul that will also positively impact our Planet Mother Nature and the billions of plant and animal species.

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Healthy Herbs

Handpicked natural and organic herbs that are proven and approved by USDA.

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Organic Essential oils that are Mother Nature's natural germ fighting agents.

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Safe and sustainable for the environment and leave no chemical residue.

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