Regular Ear Cleaning for our Lovely Dogs

Regular Ear Cleaning for our Lovely Dogs
  • The Ear canal of dogs harbor bacteria, fungus along with build up of regular dirt and wax and its very important to clean them regularly. Failure to clean leads to the itchiness and infections. Some dogs may not need regular cleaning as they may have cleaner ears for longer periods of time as overcleaning is also not recommended.


Gently cleaning is very soothing

  • Mechanical cleaning using a soft cotton ball is the usually the recommended way to clean. Hold the ear flap upright & by gently squeezing the bottle for about 5sec, fill the ear canal with the solution. Gently massage the base of the ear with your fingers for about 25-30s.

NEVER use a Q-Tip as that may damage the ear Canal.


  • Alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide are not recommended as they may increase the irritation. Its important to use a natural ear cleaning solution and Turmeric is a great ingredient as research reveals that curcumin shows good bioavailability as well as accessibility in novel therapeutic formulations. Thus, it has a profound effect in treating dermatological ailments.

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