The word Veda is very ancient and derived from the Sanskrit word “Vid” meaning “Inner Knowledge” or “Self knowledge” of the inner consciousness which is part of our soul which is immortal and eternal. The ancient seers or Rishis studied physics, chemistry and mathematics by correlating the composition of the human mind, body and soul with relation to the outer knowledge of Mother nature. They realized and have given a tremendous wealth of knowledge and information on how to use the gift of Mother nature to elevate our own soul with utmost importance given to the purity of the mind and body with a means of connecting the inner consciousness in us.
Modern day science and medicine took a lot of this knowledge and developed principles for creating and innovation around outward growth. Ayurveda is one such gift given by the ancient seers that is immortal foundational science that can be used to purify the inner conscious using outer natural sources of nature. This has been an arduous task as the demands of modern society with relation to speed and use of products has not been compatible with ancient tools and herbs and it is our Mission and Goal to help bridge that gap utilizing latest innovations in science and nanotechnology.

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