Tea Tree Vaginal Wash infection treatment. Eliminates Menopause-related Odor, BV, Rapid Itch Relief. All Natural Moisturizer Feminine Care Yoni Soap oil spray.

Helps Relieve Yeast or Odor related issues within Minutes and is a Rapid solution compared to Days taken by other Products. Proven to Kill Odor Molecules within 56 seconds.
  • 🌻MORINGA: MIRACLE HERB has 7 times Vitamin C than Oranges and 15 times potassium than bananas. Super-antioxidants with Calcium, protein, iron amino acids, which help your body heal.
  • 🌱TEA TREE OIL: ORGANIC AUSTRALIA Powerful Ingredient known to kill Odor is in diluted safe form. Helps in Rapid healing from BV and Yeast.
  • ✴️OXYGEN IONS: Patent Pending Uses Blue-ion water technology which has millions of Oxygen ions to eliminate synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives.
  • ✅Safe and Effective: Blue-ionic tech helps go deeper into the skin. Developed by nano-tech scientists with experience at Univ of Michigan. Rapid Relief and Long lasting with targeted nano delivery.
  • ✅MADE IN USA: Cruelty Free and 100% Biodegradable safe for Mother Earth.

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